Eye Disease Treatment

There are several eye diseases that require the care of a specialist. Our role at Hayder Eye Care in El Paso is to provide you with a clear diagnosis of the health of your eyes through an eye disease consultation. We may also examine your eye-related issues to help prevent serious diseases.

A few eye-related deficiencies that can be treated include:

  • Acanthamoeba Keratitis.

    A rare but serious infection caused with poor handling of contact lenses. Following a doctor’s recommendation for proper care of contact lenses is always advocated.

  • Amblyopia (also known as ‘Lazy Eye’).

    A lazy eye is caused when the eyelid fails to achieve visual acuity leading to the appearance of crossed eyes. Most cases of lazy are detected at a young age and can be treated by patching or covering the “good” eye.

  • Blepharitis.

    If you’re experiencing sore eyes accompanied with redness and crusty debris on the eyelashes, you may have an eyelid infection. If the bacteria is not treated over time, it can lead to a toxic buildup that will cause severe irritation and inflammation.

  • Blurry Vision.

    A loss of sharpness in the eye can lead to blurry vision. Not to confuse blurriness with a cloudy vision (cataracts), an eye exam will determine a proper treatment.

  • Cataracts.

    Signs of cataracts are not always obvious but some symptoms may include a cloudy, foggy, or blurry vision. Over time protein builds up in your eyes leading to a cloudy vision.

  • Color Blindness.

    The way you see color may be related to a color vision deficiency. Some examples include a blue-yellow color blindness where the eyes are not able to see hues of blue and yellow.

  • Corneal Abrasion.

    If your cornea is scratched, you may experience difficulty seeing and suffer from severe discomfort. Some causes of corneal abrasion can be related to makeup brushes, pets, debris from your environment, and touching your eyes with dirty fingers.

  • Detached Retina.

    This is a serious sight-threatening deficiency that leads to poor vision. If you suffer from a detached retina, surgery is required to correct the detachment.

  • Dry Eye Syndrome.

    When the eye lacks moisture and sufficient lubrication, you suffer from the commonly known disease ‘dry eye’. Tears keep the eyes moist and clean-away dust but when the eyes do not produce tears, you will need a prescription medication to help produce tears.

  • Eye Allergies.

    To some degree, we’ve all experienced itchy eyes. It is estimated that 50 million people suffer from seasonal allergies that lead to eye irritation. If over the counter, eye drops cannot solve your irritation, you may need an eye exam to prescribe other forms of relief.

  • Photophobia (a sensitivity to light).

    An indicator that you suffer from a sensitivity to light may be a sharp headache or irritation in brightly-lit situations such as standing in the sun or the flash of a camera lens. One method to treat photophobia is by wearing light-filtering sunglasses.

What to expect during your eye disease consultation

As we age, we become prone to developing eye-related diseases or suffer a loss of vision, may of which are due to exposure to the sun and other lifestyle choices. At Hayder Eye Care in El Paso, we realize the topic of eye diseases or deficiencies can be uncomfortable. Our job is to make it easy.

During your eye disease consultation, we will check the overall health of your eyes by performing standard tests such as observing your cornea to see if any characteristics of infection are existent. We will also want to gather information about your lifestyle in El Paso to offer suggestions on prevention. For example, if you work in an office and stare at a computer monitor the majority of the day, we may recommend wearing prescribed glasses to protect your eyes.

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