Contact Lens Fitting

The Basics: Contact Lens Exams & Fitting

One great advantage in the advancement of eye-corrective wear is contact lenses. These days contacts are practical, convenient, and comfortable. If you presently wear contacts or are considering switching for the first time, an eye exam is absolutely necessary. At Hayder Eye Care in El Paso we will help you find the best option for eyewear in an easy eye exam and fitting.

Since you will need a prescription to purchase contact lenses, we will measure your refractive error (any issues focusing on light due to the shape of the eye) and issue a prescription. Depending on your lifestyle, we will also offer specific suggestions on types and brands. For example, if you do not plan on wearing contacts on a daily basis, you may be a good candidate for monthly pairs. Another factor we consider, is if you have an astigmatism (a common defect in the eye caused by an unrounded curvature of the eye) we will refer you to brands who offer options for correcting astigmatism.

What to expect at your eye exam

First time testing for contacts? Here’s what you should expect when you visit our eye doctor at either one of our two offices in El Paso:

We will test the overall health of your eyes. Similar to a routine eye exam, we want to ensure you are not prone to any eye-related diseases.
Several measurements will be gathered. We will measure the curvature of your cornea (the transparent front layer of the eye) and determine the size of your pupil and iris. This information will be used to discover the best fit.
A tear film test may be performed. If you tend to have dry eyes, our eye doctor will test for these signs so that we may recommend brands that will keep your eyes thoroughly moist.
A fitting for comfort will be accessed. Following your eye exam, we will allow you try on a sample pair of contacts. You may wear the pair for a day to determine if the pair is the best option for you.

Switch to contacts today.

Our eye exam for contacts is simple and effortless. We know you are looking forward to a lifestyle free of glasses. For that reason, we want to provide you with a precise exam that guarantees you will be wearing the most comfortable and safest contact lenses around. To schedule your eye exam for contacts today, please call us at 915-592-4600.

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