Contact Lenses

Tired of a Life with Prescription Glasses? Contact Lenses are a Great Alternative.

If you’re curious what it would be like to get through the day without glasses, look no further than contact lenses.

We know the excitement of swapping out the old prescription glasses is there. We also realize you need contact lenses that are reliable enough for getting through your busy day. At Hayder Eye Care in El Paso, our local eye doctor will provide with you an accurate prescription and readily answer any questions related to wearing contacts.

Finding the Most Accurate Pair Has Never Been Easier.

Modern eye care has made it possible to correct your vision through a variety of contact lenses that best fit you. Here are a few types we may recommend:

Astigmatic. Thanks to the advancement of eyewear, now people with an astigmatism (a vision condition that causes blurred vision) can comfortably wear contacts. Several brands provide options that best fit your eyes and lifestyle.
Daily disposable. Save money on contact solution and avoid the risk of contaminating your eyes with daily contacts.
Colored. We change our hair color, so why not change the color of our eyes when we feel like it? Many brands have options in eye color including blue, green, and hazel.
Multifocal. Typically, multifocal contact lenses are needed by individuals 40 or older. If objects close in range, such as a book or menu, are difficult to read but you also struggle to see signs far away, multifocal lenses will address both of those issues.
Scleral. If you’ve ever had eye surgery or suffer from symptoms such as dry eye, scleral lenses may be prescribed by our eye doctor. This special type of lens is ideal for patients with an irregular shaped cornea.
Traditional soft. With soft lenses, you can feel secure knowing that your eyes will be as healthy and effective as they are with traditional prescription glasses. Our eye doctor will recommend options for daily or monthly wear based on fit and comfort.

Get your Contact Prescription Today.

Getting fit and measured for contact lenses has never been easier. During a contact lens exam, our eye doctor in El Paso will perform a few tests to determine the best contacts for you. It’s important to note that a prescription for eyeglasses cannot be substituted for a contact prescription.

What Does a Contact Prescription Exam Entail?

First, a measurement of the eye’s surface will be conducted to find out your size and type. Then, we will make sure your eyes are producing enough tears to comfortably wear contacts and avoid any irritation. Once we’ve come up with your specific measurements, we will let you try on a pair. With successful completion, you will have the option to place your order for your new contact lenses.

If you presently wear contacts and haven’t had an exam in over a year, we highly recommend updating your prescription today. Yearly eye exams will test for any changes in your eyes and ensure that you are wearing the most safe and comfortable lenses possible.

Call us today at 915-592-4600 to schedule your contact prescription exam.

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