Strabismus Treatment in El Paso

Commonly known as ‘crossed eyes’, strabismus affects a large majority of El Paso residents. Annually, the US sees approximately three million cases of this type of eye irregularity.

Not to be confused with lazy eye, which strabismus can lead to, crossed eyes occurs when the eyes are working against one another. One reason this develops is because the brain is receiving two different visual images. With poor muscle control in the eyes, eyes will struggle to only follow one image at a time.

Who’s at Risk?

Babies and young children pose a greater risk of developing crossed eyes. Since their brain is actively developing, any issues related to growth can be displayed through the eyes.

Another cause of crossed eyes is that it may be hereditary. At birth, your baby’s eyes will naturally wander as he or she begins to discover new objects. After four months of age, if symptoms of crossed eyes becomes more obvious, you should consult with our eye doctor.

Prevention and treatment of strabismus is obtainable. The first step is knowing what signs to look for and how our eye doctor in El Paso can help.

There are a Few Types of Strabismus.

Esotropia – eyes with esotropia will move inward (toward the nose)
Exotropia – when the eyes begin to drift outward
Duane’s Syndrome – an increased difficulty in moving the eyes side to side
Hypertropia – trouble moving the eyes up and down.
Small angle – a slight misalignment of the eyes
Large angle – misalignment is more distinctive


Is Your Child Experiencing Any of the Following Symptoms?

Wandering or drifting eyes: A prominent sign of crossed eye is when the eyes are not moving insync.
Blurry vision: If your child describes having difficulty reading in class or an overall struggle to see, he or she may be experiencing symptoms of strabismus.
Inability to see depth: In some cases your child might not be able to see depth causing a confusion as to how close or far objects truly are.


Our Eye Doctor Can Suggest These and Other Forms of Treatment

Prescribed glasses. Through an eye exam, our eye doctor will determine if your child’s crossed eye can be corrected by wearing daily prescribed glasses.
Eye patch. Wearing an eye patch over the good eye will help strengthen the bad eye.
Eye drops. Medicated eye drops into the well-functioning eye will temporarily blur its vision, forcing the bad eye to do all the work.

Crossed Eyes Can be Fixed. Prevent Permanent Damage by Getting Tested Today.

At Hayder Eye Care in El Paso, we believe our youngest of patients deserve the best quality eye care. Call us today at 915-592-4600 if you notice any signs of crossed eyes. A routine eye exam can make all the difference.

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