Amblyopia, Also Known as ‘Lazy Eye’

During the first few years of life our vision is actively developing. A baby’s vision develops alongside the brain’s development. When the brain fails to communicate with our eyes, the outward result is a lazy eye. For that reason, we often see lazy eyes in children.

One reason lazy eye occurs is due to a nerve pathway not being sufficiently stimulated. When this occurs, the brain will ignore images that the eye should see clearly.

Luckily, today there is sufficient information to detect amblyopia early on to ensure the health of your child’s eyes. There is nothing more crucial than a healthy development of vision.

If you have a small child, you should pay attention to signs of lazy eye.

What are Some Common Symptoms of Amblyopia?

Wandering eyes. A wandering eye occurs when the eye fails to follow images and displays inattentive characteristics.
Poor perception. Blurry vision is another indicator of vision impairment.

How to Treat Amblyopia

Eye patches. The ‘good’ or strong eye will be covered with a patch to help the lazy eye gain strength. A patch can be worn for a few weeks or months, depending on the time of recovery.
Eye drops. An eye drop medication known as atropine may be placed in the good eye to temporarily blur its vision, forcing the lazy eye to work harder.

Remember, after the age of nine treating amblyopia becomes increasingly challenging. A huge benefit of yearly eye exams for children is to determine if he or she will need to wear prescribed glasses on a daily basis. It’s important to note that lazy eye cannot be corrected with prescribed glasses, contact lenses, or even a vision correction surgery. As always, our eye doctor will recommend the best solution based on the unique circumstance.

Medical Advice May Be Needed.

If you notice any signs of a amblyopia in your infant, you should seek the care of our eye doctor in El Paso. We can accurately test for lazy eye or any other abnormal tendencies.

Failing to properly treat a lazy or wondering eye can permanently damage your infant’s ability to live a life with healthy vision. At Hayder Eye Care, we strongly believe that every child deserves great vision to be successful in school and everyday activities.

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